Vertical Farm products

Embark on the cutting edge of agri-/horticulture with vertical farming, a revolutionary approach gaining widespread attention. Maximize year-round yields and efficiency through stacked layers and controlled environments. But for optimal results, you need the right cultivation supporting products.

Discover our comprehensive range of essential vertical farm cultivation products:

- Growing systems: Alu multi-layer solutions, benches, hydroponic systems (NFT), cooling, and more.
- Growing media: Plugs, grow cubes, bamboo or coco mats, coir or peat substrates, and more.
- Nutrient solutions: Liquid organic fertilizers to nourish your crops.
- Grow Lights: Advanced LED technology with specific spectra, dimmable options, and multi-layer capabilities.
- Grow supplies: Bio-stimulants, pots in various sizes, precision measuring equipment (pH, EC, temperature, CO2), and more.

While we may not actively offer some specific products, our strong network of trusted producers and suppliers ensures we can fulfill your every need. Take your vertical farming venture to new heights of success with our premium cultivation products and expert guidance. Let's cultivate the future together.


Bamboo grow mats

Coir plugs

Measure equipment

Grow Lights

Multi layer bench

Organic Fertilizers

Coir cubes

Grow Cubes by Cubic Grow

Elevate your vertical farming success with essential growing support products. Equip yourself with the right tools and equipment to create an optimal growing environment and achieve maximum crop yields. From hydroponic systems to automated irrigation and nutrient solutions, our range of products is tailored to enhance the growth and prosperity of vertical farms.

As the popularity of vertical farming soars, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve. Constantly seeking out the latest innovations and technologies, we ensure that we bring you the best products specifically designed for this groundbreaking agricultural approach. Our dedication to sourcing and training ourselves on top-notch cultivation products guarantees your farm's ongoing success. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your vertical farm and cultivate a prosperous future.

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