Grow Systems

The cultivation area is always very specific to its needs and goals. Those needs are determined by the location, grower, crops and even sometimes by the cultivar. This area is were work is done and so it needs to be easy accessable, flexibel and steerable towards every crop(phase).

Below you will find several options we can provide for you. Of course the options will be custom made to your request. So if you want something different, ask us. 

Grow Benches

The cultivation benches are available in both fixed and rollable configurations. The tables are made totally to order and are made of an aluminium superstructure installed on a galvanized steel or aluminium base.

Tables for increasing the welding model and the export model

The Aluminium superstructure can be built in either a welding or export model. The welding variant is made up of entirely pre-welded aluminium pieces that are roughly 6.00-7.00 meters long and must be joined together on site. This makes it very simple to construct the tables.

Our supplier provides a export model growing table for the export and/or overseas market to save transportation volume. This style growing table has specific screw connections between the side and cross profiles. The tables may be quickly assembled on-site, and welding connections are no longer necessary.


Here's a sampling of the options:
*Ebb/flood bottoms made of aluminium
*Duct bottoms made of plastic
*Bottoms for tempex ebb/flood
*Bottoms with wire mesh
*Bottoms made of expanded metal
*Bottoms of tempex flat plates
*Bottoms made of tempex with ventilation holes
*Bottoms made of plastic and shin play
*Cultivation gutters with bottoms made of Aluminium plate


Bottom heating and/or AP foil can be installed in a variety of bottoms.

Multi-layer racks

Custommade multi-layer bench

On request our supplier produces multi-layer racks for various applications. These racks are made to customer specifications. Materials used are stainless steel, aluminium or steel. Various options are possible for the shelves, such as e.g., flat closed plate, perforated plate or heating/cooling panels. Of course, optional with Grow Lights.

LED benches

The LED Bench are available in both fixed and rollable configurations. The tables are made of an aluminum superstructure installed on a galvanized steel or aluminum base.

We can provide a customized grow light solutions in this set-up.

A special developed product by our partner

Cubic Grow B.V.

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