Benches & Racks

Maximize your greenhouse or indoor farm's efficiency and productivity with our premium benches. These versatile structures create optimal space utilization, improve airflow, facilitate irrigation and drainage, enhance plant access for maintenance, and promote a cleaner, organized working environment. Experience the transformative benefits of our high-quality benches today.

Fix benches by Cubic Grow

Multi-Layer Racks

Unlock the full potential of your vertical growing setup or indoor farm with our cutting-edge multi-layer racks.

Designed for maximum space optimization, these innovative racks allow you to grow vertically, significantly increasing your crop yield. Experience the benefits of efficient space utilization, reduced energy consumption, enhanced airflow, and simplified maintenance. Our multi-layer racks are the key to achieving exceptional productivity and maximizing your growing capacity. Elevate your indoor farming to new heights with our game-changing solution.

Multi-Layer racks by Cubic Grow

Tables for increasing the welding model and the export model.
Experience top quality with our remarkable Aluminium superstructure. Crafted to perfection, making table construction an effortless endeavor.

Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, this style of growing table features specialized screw connections between the side and cross profiles. Say goodbye to welding connections and embrace the ease of quick on-site assembly.

Our wide range of options leaves no stone unturned when it comes to meeting your specific needs:

- Ebb/flood bottoms made of top-quality aluminium
- Duct bottoms crafted from premium plastic
- Bottoms designed for tempex ebb/flood systems
- Bottoms featuring durable wire mesh
- Bottoms constructed from sturdy expanded metal
- Bottoms composed of high-grade plastic with added shin play
- Cultivation gutters boasting aluminium plate bottoms

To further elevate functionality, our bottoms can be customized to accommodate top-quality bottom heating and/or AP foil, offering unrivaled versatility.

Choose our Aluminium superstructure to experience unparalleled top quality in every aspect. Elevate your growing setup to new heights with our premium-grade products, meticulously designed to exceed your expectations.

Grow & LED Benches

The cultivation Benches and LED benches are available in both fixed and rollable configurations. The tables are made totally to order and are made of an aluminium superstructure installed on a galvanized steel or aluminium base.

Led Benches by Cubic Grow

Our Benches are perfect for any production area.

Aluminium superstructure, available in two models: welding and export. The welding variant consists of pre-welded aluminium pieces, each approximately 6.00-7.00 meters long, which are easily joined together on-site. This ensures a straightforward and hassle-free construction process for the tables.

Rolling Benches by Cubic Grow

For the export and overseas market, our supplier offers the export model growing table, specifically designed to optimize transportation volume. This style of growing table features convenient screw connections between the side and cross profiles, eliminating the need for welding. As a result, the tables can be swiftly assembled on-site, saving valuable time and effort.

Here's a glimpse of the various options available:

  1. Ebb/flood bottoms made of aluminium
  2. Duct bottoms made of plastic
  3. Bottoms for tempex ebb/flood
  4. Bottoms with wire mesh
  5. Bottoms made of expanded metal
  6. Bottoms of tempex flat plates
  7. Bottoms made of tempex with ventilation holes
  8. Bottoms made of plastic and shin play
  9. Cultivation gutters with bottoms made of Aluminium plate

To further enhance functionality, our bottoms can accommodate bottom heating and/or AP foil, providing flexibility and customization to suit your specific requirements.

Choose our Aluminium superstructure and explore the versatile options available to optimize your growing tables. Experience the convenience, durability, and efficiency that our premium products deliver.

We can provide a customized grow light solutions in this set-up.

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