Grow Car X-Large

The Grow Car X-Large 5-tier is a vertical cultivation system designed to the dimensions of a European pallet, providing each tier with a net growing area of 120 * 80 cm. It is excellently suited for growing various vegetables and herbs.


As the water inlet and outlet of the Grow Car X-Large are positioned outside the growing area, water level control is more straightforward compared to the Grow Car X-Large based on the Danish cart system.


Our Grow Cars come equipped with a standard RBW, or full-spectrum LED solution, commonly referred to as the solar spectral spectrum.

The advantage of this spectrum for plants is that it provides the right amount of energy needed for photosynthesis and growth. Furthermore, the light is color-accurate, displaying the true colors of the plants, which is essential for assessing their health and growth stages.


Another benefit is that the white light spectrum poses no harm to the human eye, in contrast to, for example, ultraviolet or infrared light. This makes it safe for users and non-disruptive to anyone in the immediate vicinity.

Material Steel, Powder coated
Material watertray HIPS
Growing space 5 * 1200 * 800 mm
External sizes 1350 * 850 * 2300 mm
LED dimmable Yes, manual
Recyclable Yes

The Grow Car X-Large is delivered as a complete package. You can assemble this package yourself.