Humidification mat

Our pre-cut humidification mat with the perfect size for your watertrays.and Optimal Plant Care.

Our humidification mat, also known as a irrigation mat, is designed to create a favorable microclimate among your displayed plants, preventing them from scorching, drying out rapidly, or succumbing to mold due to fluctuating humidity levels. (SKU W-6010-1120)

With our humidification mat, you can safeguard your plants and flowers from scorching or rapid dehydration, as water is evenly distributed. Additionally, it reduces the likelihood of mold formation, which can be triggered by varying humidity levels around the plants. The mat contains no natural fibers, making it less susceptible to mold growth.

Crafted from needled synthetic fibers on anti-root cloth, this material is exceptionally robust and easy to clean.

Product details
SKU W-6010-1120
Material 100% recycled synthetic fibers
Dimensions 1240 x 540 x 2 mm +- 5%
Recyclable Yes
Origin Netherlands

These mats are tailored to fit our water trays and can absorb an average of 2 liters of water per irrigation mat. The mats come equipped with anti-root cloth as a top layer to prevent roots from penetrating through.

Choose our humidification mat to create the perfect environment for your plants, ensuring they remain healthy and vibrant, free from the threat of scorching, rapid dehydration, or mold.

Minimum orderquantity: > 20 pieces