Horticulture begins with the right fertilizers. Tailoring nutrient-rich blends to specific crop needs enhances soil/substrate health, promotes robust growth, and maximizes yields. Our advanced fertilizers are crafted to nourish crops efficiently, fostering resilience and resistance to environmental stressors. From promoting vibrant foliage to ensuring bountiful harvests, our fertilizers are the cornerstone of sustainable farming practices.

Uplift your crop management, cultivate sustainability, and reap the rewards of a future-ready approach to fertilization. Nurture your growing area, nurture your future.

Currently we offer the following products via our trademark Daily Agro; (CE-marked) fertilizers. Next to that we also offer fertilizers on demand.

Alvara Force

NEW: Alvara Force, the ultimate solution for boosting plant resilience and maximizing growth.


Available in 1 ltr bottle or 5 ltr can.


NEW: Argentum a CE marked fertilizer that Enhances the effect of willow bark extract and the ability to absorb trace elements.

Available in 1ltr bottle, 5 ltr can and 1000ltr IBC. 


NEW: ArgicinPlus, a CE marked fertilizer thatimproves self-healing capicity and stimulates root development.

Available in 1ltr bottle, 5 ltr can and 1000ltr IBC. 


NEW: Curpum is a CE marked fertilizer containing micro Copper that strengthens your crop.

Available in 1ltr bottle, 5 ltr can and 1000ltr IBC.