About us

Cubic Grow BV, born out of extensive experience in professional horticulture, is a dynamic startup company. We specialize in supplying top-quality horticultural products, including cultivation tables, plastics, hygiene products, crop processing articles, substrates, and organic fertilizers.

By adopting an integrated approach to commercial horticulture, we forge strong partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers to provide growers with the best and most sustainable solutions. As a trusted partner, our dedicated team collaborates closely with leading suppliers to meet your specific requirements.


Our Vision: To empower growers worldwide with knowledge and innovative, sustainable products.


Our Mission: To actively contribute to the global maximization of "sustainable cultivation."


Cubic Grow Systems offers an impressive selection of high-quality items, including LED Grow Lights, measurement equipment, Coco products, substrates and more. We constantly explore and research new products and tools that support sustainable cultivation, enabling growers to achieve optimal results. Collaboration with our suppliers and customers is pivotal in achieving our shared goals.


Your feedback and questions are invaluable in driving our progress. If a desired product is currently not in our range, we eagerly welcome your input to explore suitable solutions together.



Join our esteemed partners in Germany, Belgium, Spain, United Kingdom, Turkey, and Kazakhstan, as we work closely with our sales partners in these regions. Are you interested in becoming a partner? Let's connect and explore the possibilities.

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