Multi-tier Lighting

In every vertical installation the metrics and demands are different. Next to the type of crops, also distance fixture to crop is crucial to choose the best option in multi-tier lighting.

To provide the best Multi-tier solutions for your indoor facility / vertical farm, always ask for a lightplan.



Versatile and scalable LED lighting fixtures engineered specifically to power professional propagation, vertical, and multi-tier cultivation.

Features & Benefits


  • Space efficient—just 15cm mounting height required
  • Energy efficient—up to 3.2 μmol/J
  • Increase light levels while lowering energy usage
  • Faster time to harvest allowing more crop cycles
  • Ideal for clone rooms, tissue culture, seed propagation, microgreens, microherbs and leafy greens
  • 9 tailored spectrums for specific plant response
  • Dimmable (10% - 100%) via 0-10V control
  • Compatible with 120-277V power

Arize® Lynk is available with multiple spectra offerings for versatility in any application. These spectrums quickly deliver high quality crops for today’s dynamic grower. Available in lengths: 0.6m, 1.2m and 2.4m

Enjoy Broad Spectrum without Losing Efficiency

Broad spectrum light sources offer indoor cultivators a range of benefits, not least a more pleasant working environment making it easier to spot pests or plant issues. Our newly-developed and rigorously tested BRI spectrum delivers proven results with its balanced, broad spectrum while still operating at an incredible efficiency of 2.3 μmol/J.


HORT 144 EU Arize Life 2 Spec Sheet
PDF – 4,2 MB 73 downloads


High-efficiency professional LED grow light designed to power vegetative growth in high density indoor cultivation spaces.

Features & Benefits


  • More light, fewer watts—PPF up to 1728 µmol/s using just 622W
  • Efficiently drive vegetative development in single or multi-tier environments
  • Versatile—each light bar can hang independently from top or side hanging bars
  • Reliable and rugged: passes the industry’s most extensive testing
  • rated IP65 for water and dust ingress protection
  • Wide (140°) spread for even lighting over a 4’ by 4’ footprint
  • Cover more area with up to 3x fewer fixtures
  • Three tailored spectrums for targeted plant response, from strong initial growth to increased production of secondary metabolites
  • Deeper penetration promotes compact and more canopy level flowering sites


Professional LED Horticultural Lighting for Single or Multi-Tier Indoor Farms

Arize® Factor ML300 provides a robust, reliable and scalable lighting solution for the most demanding, high-density, indoor vertical cultivators. Tested to the industry’s most rigorous standards, Arize® Factor ML300 offers some of the highest performance and efficiency in its class. Ideal for multi-level growth chambers, cultivators enjoy fast, vigorous growth while using less energy.

Available with 4-, 5-, 6-bar arrays


HORT 147 EU Arize Factor ML 300 Spec Sheet
PDF – 6,6 MB 68 downloads