Grow Lights

Lighting is the basis for controlled-environment agriculture.

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Grow Systems

The cultivation area is always very specific to needs and goals. We can make it easier.

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Grow Media

To grow a plant, you can us all types of substrates made from a mixture of components.

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Grow Supplies

Growing requires lots of products to get the maximum out op your crops.

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Grow Organic

Organic  solutions are a more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative. 

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Solar in Horticulture

Solar energy is increasingly being utilized in horticulture for a variety of applications. One of the main ways solar energy is used in horticulture is through the installation of solar panels to generate electricity. This electricity can then be used to power various aspects of horticultural operations, such as lighting, irrigation, and climate control systems.

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Modular 1000w LED Grow Light solution

The Arize Element L2000 is the market's first LED top light with three distinct LED modules that can be simply replaced out without changing the surrounding fixture or electrical infrastructure. Growers can combine different light spectra inside the same fixture based on the needs of their crop, or simply replace the LED light bars when they reach the end of their useful life, replacing them with the latest generation. This modular design lowers landfill trash while also lowering the cost of lighting updates.

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Optics and LED Grow Lights

Optics and LED grow lights are two critical components in horticulture. Optics is the study of light and how it behaves, whereas LED grow lights are specialized lights designed to mimic the natural light spectrum of the sun in order to help plants grow.

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About Vertical Farming

Vertical farming is an innovative method of growing crops in stacked layers, often in an indoor, controlled environment. This method of farming has been gaining popularity in recent years as a way to increase crop yields and reduce the environmental impact of traditional farming practices.

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About us

Cubic Grow BV is a startup company that originated from many years of (international) experience in professional horticulture. This experience comes from developing and selling horticultural supplies such as cultivation tables, plastics, hygiene products, crop processing articles, substrates and organic fertilizers.

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