Grow Media

To grow a plant, you can us different kind of substrates. In principe substrate can be divided into 2 groups: anorganic & organic substrate. To make the best choice of substrate, the plant and your growing goals are key.


Our range has been selected with the greatest care to offer you as a customer and its plants the best suitable solution.


The substrates that Cubic Grow sells are manufactured at renowned companies, supplier production sites in the Netherlands, Latvia, Turkey, Sri Lanka and the US. We are committed to tailor-made products; after all, a standard grower does not exist. We are working permanently on the development of products and services. By innovating we respond to tomorrow's cultivations.


Cubic Grow provides a broad high quality of growing media solutions. For more info, see below.

Bamboo Grow Mats

Cubic Grow Bamboo substrate

Ultragreen microgreens

A remarkable growing substrate crafted exclusively from sustainable bamboo fibers. By adopting soilless/hydroponic cultivation methods, you can significantly streamline your operations, including preparation, seeding, harvesting, and cleaning, saving you valuable time.

Furthermore, our sheet/roll product possesses the remarkable ability to biodegrade within a few months, contingent upon your compost/soil system. Imagine growing an entire tray of exquisite microgreens within a mere 10 days by utilizing various seed varieties!

Each roll measures 0.25m x 30.5m, providing you with the flexibility to tailor the size to your specific requirements. Cutting the roll into smaller sheets can be effortlessly achieved, ideally using a paper guillotine cutter.

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Peat substrates

Cubic Grow Peat

We, Cubic Grow, can provide a wide range of potting soil mixtures based on formulas that we develop in collaboration with you, the growers. By tailoring our solutions to your specific needs, we ensure that we meet your unique requirements as a grower.

We understand that your goal is to cultivate the most beautiful and exceptional plants. This entails achieving uniformity, vibrant colors, robust plant growth with stability in the pots, and sufficient buffering for the sales channel, among other factors.

Our potting soil or substrates consist of carefully crafted blends of both organic and inorganic components. We understand the importance of the composition and its impact on plant growth.

If you would like to learn more about the potting soil options we offer or discuss a customized composition, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are here to assist you.

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Coco products

Cubic Grow Coir

Cubic Grow proudly offer a diverse range of commercially available coco products that are widely utilized in professional horticulture. These products cater to various methods of application, providing you with multiple options to choose from. Here are some of the options we provide:

1. Grow Bags: Ideal for efficient and space-saving cultivation, our grow bags made from coco material offer a convenient solution for your horticultural needs.

2. Coir Grow Block: Our coir grow blocks are designed to provide a reliable and sustainable growing medium, promoting healthy plant development.

3. Coco Swell Plugs: These specialized coco swell plugs are perfect for seed starting and propagation, ensuring optimal conditions for successful germination.

4. Coco Pots: Our coco pots offer a natural and eco-friendly alternative to traditional pots, providing excellent drainage and root aeration for your plants.

Rest assured, our coco peat boasts a low electrical conductivity (EC) and an exceptionally low salt content. It undergoes an extensive maturing and soil treatment process for over a year and a half, followed by thorough washing to ensure its high quality.

Choose our coco products to enhance your horticultural practices and experience the benefits of our premium-grade, meticulously processed coco peat.

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