Tissue Culture Lab

Tissue culture laboratories play a pivotal role in horticulture and research by facilitating the creation of new plants from existing ones. Within cutting-edge laboratories, we can  create an environment that is finely tuned to support this delicate process. We, together with our partner Geerlofs, exercise precise control over variables such as temperature, humidity, lighting, and nutrient supply, ensuring an optimal setting that significantly enhances the success rate of plant propagation.

Tissue culture lab

These tissue culture laboratories adhere to strict hygiene standards, minimizing the risk of contamination and ensuring a clean and efficient propagation process. When combined with the expertise of our skilled professionals, our mutual advanced facilities consistently deliver exceptional results that meet and exceed industry standards.


Experience accelerated growth rates, improved genetic stability, and enhanced productivity. Whether you are a commercial grower or a research institution, these tissue culture solutions empower you to achieve outstanding results and tap into the full potential of your plants.

Choose innovation, precision, and excellence in tissue culture. Partner with us and uncover the transformative potential of these laboratories. Step into a world where groundbreaking discoveries take root and flourish within tissue culture laboratories. These laboratories are places where small plants are carefully nurtured in specialized climate chambers and growth chambers, unlocking endless possibilities for research, breeding, and propagation.


These cutting-edge laboratories encompass dedicated spaces, including media rooms, cutting rooms, and growth chambers. These meticulously designed environments create the ideal conditions for cultivating a wide range of plant species, from the familiar tomato to exotic treasures like new asparagus species or delicate phalaenopsis orchids.

Tissue culture plants

Within our laboratories, plants undergo an extraordinary journey. They are multiplied and nurtured to perfection, achieving specific sizes and qualities before seamlessly transitioning to greenhouses or other cultivation settings. This meticulous process ensures consistent results and optimal growth, setting the stage for future abundant harvests and remarkable botanical achievements.


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