Grow Cabinets

Tissue culture cabinets and germination chambers are both used in the horticulture and plant propagation industry, but they serve different purposes and applications. Tissue culture cabinets are more focused on propagating existing plants, while germination chambers are aimed at growing plants from seeds.


Tissue Culture Cabinets

Purpose: Tissue culture cabinets are used for in vitro plant cultivation, where plants are grown from small tissue samples such as buds, leaves, or stem pieces.

Application: This process is primarily used for the mass production of identical plants (clones) with specific desired characteristics, such as disease resistance or genetic purity.

Features: Tissue culture cabinets provide controlled conditions, such as temperature, light, and humidity, to promote the growth and development of plant tissue before they are planted in the ground.

Germination Cabinets

Purpose: Germination cabinets are used for the germination of seeds from various plant species. They provide optimal conditions for seed germination.

Application: Germination Cabinets are often used in horticulture, agriculture, and nurseries to ensure a uniform and reliable emergence of seedlings. They are also useful for pre-growing seeds before planting them in the open ground.

Features: Germination Cabinetss regulate factors such as temperature, humidity, and aeration to promote seed germination and maintain the health of seedlings.

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