Bamboo substrate

Introducing our revolutionary Bamboo substrate mats or rolls for vertical growing setups and indoor farms. Substrates are the backbone of successful vertical farming, and our Bamboo substrate offers unparalleled benefits. Lightweight and easy to handle, it boasts exceptional water-holding capacity, making it ideal for water-intensive plants.

Bamboo mats by Cubic Grow
Bamboo mat by Cubic Grow
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Harnessing the power of bamboo fibers, our substrate promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms, enhancing plant health. Its biodegradability allows for eco-friendly disposal or use as a soil amendment. Sustainability is at the core of our product, as bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource grown without pesticides or fertilizers.

Experience the advantages of our Bamboo substrate: outstanding water retention, eco-friendliness, easy cleanup, direct packaging transfer, and no alteration of microgreen taste. Maximize your vertical farming potential with our game-changing solution and take your indoor farm to new heights of efficiency and sustainability.

What is the difference between Bamboo substrate compare to other well-known substrates in the Vertical Farming / hydroponics market..

Bamboo Substrate Rockwool Other Bio-based Coco Coir Soil
Sustainable X Unknown
High water absorption & retention X X
Easy to harvest & clean up X X
Biodegradable X
Custom sizing (possible *) X X X X

Cubic Grow can provide you with different standard size products. Of course if you require a specific dimension, ask us!

Bamboo substrate mats

Each pack comes with 10 mats and are pre-cut to fit standard 50.8cm x 25.4cm germination trays. This size are sold in a box of 100 sheets. Minimum quantity is 200 sheets, 2 boxes. 

Bamboo substrate Roll

Each roll is sized 0.25cm. x 30.5m. so that you can cut to your specifications. They can be cut easily into 25.4 x 50.8cm mats or whatever size you prefer. Using a paper guillotine cutter works perfectly. Equal to approximately 60 (25.4 x 50.8cm) sheets.  

Bamboo substrate customized

For as well the mats (sheets) and the rolls, we can adjust sizes on request. Of course we need to know the quantity you would need to make a solid offer.  Please use the link below and ask us.