Growth Chambers

The transformative influence of our growth chambers on plant development. By meticulously adjusting every facet of the growth conditions, we establish an environment that optimizes growth potential and expedites desired outcomes. Bid farewell to uncertainties and usher in a new era of plant cultivation, where conditions are scrupulously fine-tuned for guaranteed success.

Growth Chamber

These growth chambers offer an unparalleled advantage, enabling you to surpass the achievements of conventional growing methods. Whether you are engaged in research, aiming for swifter growth rates, or targeting higher yields, our chambers deliver the level of control necessary to experience your plants' full potential.

Explore how our growth chambers empower you to establish a thriving environment that propels you towards your goals. With the combined expertise and cutting-edge technology of us together with our partner Geerlofs, you can optimize growth conditions and elevate your plant cultivation to unprecedented levels.

By neutralizing the influence of external weather conditions and traditional day-night light cycles, our climate and growth chambers create an environment where precision reigns supreme. This meticulous control is particularly critical when the stakes are high, and every young plant demands delicate care. When traditional methods prove risky or ineffective, our climate chambers offer an ideal solution for tissue culturing.

Growth Chambers

Hygiene forms the cornerstone of success within our growth chambers. We understand that achieving the best results hinges on a methodical approach to cleanliness. Through the implementation of air filtration, sterilization when necessary, precise air pressure control within the facility, and state-of-the-art door technologies, we uphold an immaculate laboratory environment.


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