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Lighting is the essential factor for controlled-environment agriculture. Cubic Grow Systems delivers smart solutions for indoor and greenhouse environments. In the lighting industry a lot of terms are used and that can be confusing. Therefore below you can download "Terms of Lighting." A document that enlightens you about lighting.


Horticulture, or indoor agriculture, is developping fast. New species crops, all kind of measuring systems, substrates etcetera. Lighting is also part of that. For decades, products were grown in different places. Depending on the local climate conditions and amount of sunlight available. After a periode of time and because production needed to take place local greenhouses were developped with HPS lighting solutions. This still works great but brings rather high costs of energy. Sustainability becomes more and more important. Better results with less energy costs. The biggest results were made by new, enhanced cultivars. The last years developments in lighting were key for tomorrows grown crops. Not only in a greenhouse, but also in an indoor facility. LED grow lights with options in spectrum, is a hugh step forward.

Below the options with LED to achieve the different goals explained:


Top lighting 

As the alternative for HPS in a greenhouse environment or indoor grow facility. Artificial lighting solutions for above the crops. We currently sell 3 options: 

  • 1000w LED Grow lights - An LED growing system to improve growing specific crops in a greenhouse. The system provides a very high light output and offers a light spectrum for efficient cultivation year-round.
  • 600w LED Grow lights - An LED growing system to improve growing in a greenhouse or an indoor farm. The system provides a medium light output with less heat than a HPS system and offers a light spectrum for efficient cultivation year-round.
  • 400w LED Grow lights - An LED growing system for photoperiod extension or low DLI crops for year-round growing.

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Intracanopy LED solution

Intracanopy LED lighting system proven to substantially increase high-wire crop yield, including tomatoes, peppers & cucumbers. Next to these crops also usable in berries and strawberries. See here our Intracanopy LED


Multi-tier cultivation

A Vertical multi-layer growing environment requires an optimal lighting solution. Important to know for a suitable solution is the mounting height and needed μmol/s. Most of the time the distance between bottom and top, next layer, in a Vertical Farming setup is between 15 to 60cm. There are situations thinkable were that distance is 60 up to 90cm. That, as you can imagine, could indicate a different approached LED solution.

Together with our supplier(s) we can offer suitable answer either way.

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LED lighting has a variety of significant advantages, including a specialized light spectrum and energy-efficient illumination. Of course, this also applies to crop propagation. Whether propagation is done from seed or by cuttings, the procedure is easier to control because all factors (light, temperature, moisture) can be adjusted to meet the needs of the plant, and the results are also good. After all, all of this can contribute to better and faster roots and development, in the first phase. Of course, it is always dependent on the suitable light recipe and the cultivar's

µmol/s/m2 value (s).


In the case of exposure to natural light, the crop becomes active due to this intensity. Activity increases as the temperature does (to some extent, of course). This has the impact of promoting crop growth, oxygen release, and water absorption.
It often comes from sunshine, and as the intensity rises, so does the temperature. HPS/SON-T lights produce a similar result. But SON-T is mostly made of heat, with a minor amount of light. Only a small quantity of grow light is present in this light.

LED lighting is highly particular; it is a light recipe developed to fit the needs of the crop, the stage of cultivation, and the grower's objectives. It affects the cultivation approach.

Light spectrum produced by a light source contains different wavelengths of energy. For growing crops, the known usable spectrum is between 380nm tot approx. 780nm (nm = nanometer). So, with LED there are options on spectrum, and they can be used as a specific light recipe to your crops.

Cubic Grow can offer a variety of spectra towards the plant stage, growing goals etc. Common color of spectrum with LED: Purple, Pink and White (sunlight spectrum).

Together with our supplier Current Lighting we can prepare a custom-made light plan for you request and advise on spectrum, fixture type and more.

Terms Of Lighting Cubic Grow
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