Grow Media

To grow a plant, you can us different kind of substrates. In principe substrate can be divided into 2 groups: anorganic & organic substrate. To make the best choice of substrate, the plant and your growing goals are key.


Our range has been selected with the greatest care to offer you as a customer and its plants the best suitable solution.


The substrates that Cubic Grow sells are manufactured at renowned companies, supplier production sites in the Netherlands, Latvia, Turkey, Sri Lanka and the US. We are committed to tailor-made products; after all, a standard grower does not exist. We are working permanently on the development of products and services. By innovating we respond to tomorrow's cultivations.


Cubic Grow provides a broad high quality of growing media solutions. For more info, see below.

Bamboo Grow Mats

Features of VegBed Bamboo Microgreens Roll

  • Outstanding water retention (Holds 9.5 times its weight in water!)
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Naturally biodegradable. No need to bring to a commercial composting facility.
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Leaves no mess or residue - easy clean up
  • Transfer directly to packaging or deliver straight to the restaurant. No soil or coco coir mess.
  • No nutrient solution or pH adjustments needed. But you can add your own for increased production.
  • Won't alter microgreen taste like other mediums (e.g., hemp)
  • A roll is 0.25m X 30.5m (25rolls per pallet) 



VegBed is the world's first and only growing substrate made entirely of sustainable bamboo fibers. Growing soilless/hydroponically will save you a lot of time in preparation, seeding, harvesting, and cleaning.

The mat/roll can also biodegrade in a matter of months, depending on your compost/soil system. Grow a whole tray of luscious microgreens in just 10 days with some seed varieties!

Each roll is 0.5m x 30.5m in size, allowing you to cut to your specifications. The roll is easily cut into smaller sheets to the size you require. Using a paper guillotine cutter is ideal.

Peat substrates

We can supply every mixture on the basis of potting soil formulas that we develop together with you, growers. By doing so, we respond to your specific situation as a grower. 

A grower wants to grow the most beautiful and best plant. That means uniformity, good colour, a strong plant that is stable in the pot, sufficient buffer in the pot for the sales channel and much more. 

Potting soil or substrates are frequently a blend of organic and inorganic components.

Organic component
This includes various types of peat, peat that is milled or peat from peat or blocks. However, there are also other organic components (read: additives) such as Perlite ('popped' volcanic rock), Pumice stone, clay granules, vermiculite, sand, compost, clay, coconut and coconut fibre, wood fiber and pieces of tree bark (pine). Each component has its own characteristic pH and EC value as well as air content* and water content*².

Inorganic component
We are mainly talking about stone wool products.

Each component has its own set of physical and chemical characteristics. In this way, we can determine the total properties of a potting soil composition, which can influence the growth and development of a plan. By adding clay, for example, the water is fixed, and the plant must expend more energy to separate the water from the clay complex. As a result, the growth is compact.

Of course, a number of basic fertilizers should be added to the potting soil mix at the start of the cultivation. This can be determined through careful consultation. The pH and EC are determined based on the crop, and a starting fertilizer (NPK) and amount of lime are added in accordance with advice.  

If you would like to know more about the potting soil we offer or a composition, please contact us.

Coco products

Coco products are very common to use in professional horticulture and available for different ways of use. Below you find a couple of options:

Grow Bags - are available in different sizes and in different coconut compositions (coco peat / coco chips) Suitable for various crops such as tomato, cucumber, strawberry, rose, gerbera etc.

Coir Grow Block - Coco peat blocks are made from compressed Coco Peat and Coir Fiber. These Blocks are manufactured from a variety of mixtures to accommodate the demands of each grower. On request, Coco Chips and Coco Crushed can be added to these Block's mixtures.

Coco swell Plugs - Made from high-quality coconut husks, with fines and sand particles removed to meet the needs of growers. They also don't need fertilizer, and Swell plugs come in a variety of diameters ranging from 25mm to 30mm to 40mm. This makes it an excellent choice for rooting.

Coco pots - on request we can provide these pots in different sizes. Just ask for a quote and we will contact you.

Our coco peat is low in EC and have exceptionally low salt substance. This Coco peat is matured and treated the soil for more than year and a half and exhaustive washed.