Grow Systems

The cultivation area is always very specific to its needs and goals. Those needs are determined by the location, grower, crops and even sometimes by the cultivar. This area is were work is done and so it needs to be easy accessable, flexibel and steerable towards every crop(phase).

Below you will find several options we can provide for you. Of course the options will be custom made to your request. So if you want something different, ask us. 

Grow Benches & Multi-Layer Racks

Grow Benches by Cubic Grow

The cultivation benches are available in both fixed and rollable configurations. The tables are made totally to order and are made of an aluminium superstructure installed on a galvanized steel or aluminium base.


The Multi Layer benches are made to customer specifications. Materials used are stainless steel, aluminium or steel. Various options are possible for the shelves, such as e.g., flat closed plate, perforated plate or heating/cooling panels. Of course, optional with Grow Lights.

Join us to revolutionize your growing area.

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Lab Tissue Culture

Tissue Culture by Cubic Grow

Welcome to the world of tissue culture laboratories, where groundbreaking discoveries come to life. Our state-of-the-art facilities are meticulously designed to nurture and cultivate a wide range of plant species, unlocking endless possibilities for research, breeding, and multiplication. Step into our growth chambers, where every aspect of plant development is fine-tuned to maximize growth potential and accelerate desired outcomes.

Join us on a journey of precision and performance as we revolutionize plant cultivation and propel your goals to new heights.

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