Level Up Your Horticultural Game with PH Meters and EC Meters: The Ultimate Measurement Tools!

When it comes to horticulture, precision is key. To achieve optimal growth and ensure the health of your plants, accurate measurements of pH and EC levels are essential. That's where the game-changing tools, pH meters and EC meters, come into play. Let's dive into how these measurement equipment can elevate your horticultural practices to new heights!

A pH meter is a must-have tool for every horticulturist. It allows you to measure the acidity or alkalinity of the soil or nutrient solution with precision. Different plants thrive in specific pH ranges, and by monitoring and adjusting pH levels, you can create the ideal conditions for your plants' growth and nutrient uptake. Whether you're cultivating fruits, vegetables, or ornamentals, a pH meter enables you to fine-tune your soil or nutrient solutions for maximum productivity.


But that's not all! Enter the EC meter, another indispensable tool for horticultural enthusiasts. EC stands for Electrical Conductivity, which measures the concentration of dissolved salts and nutrients in the soil or hydroponic systems. By monitoring the EC levels, you gain insights into the nutrient strength and balance, allowing you to adjust your fertilizer regime accordingly. This precise control helps prevent nutrient deficiencies or toxicities, promoting vigorous plant growth and higher yields.

Investing in pH meters and EC meters offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it saves you time and effort by providing instantaneous and accurate readings, eliminating guesswork. These meters are user-friendly, making them suitable for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. Additionally, they empower you to troubleshoot any nutrient imbalances or pH issues promptly, enabling proactive adjustments before they harm your plants.

When selecting your pH meter and EC meter, look for reliable and high-quality options. Ensure they are equipped with features like automatic temperature compensation (ATC) to account for temperature variations, as this enhances the accuracy of the measurements. Consider handheld or portable meters for convenience and versatility in various growing environments.

PH Meter

This digital pH-meter is robust and elegant of design and is accurate and simple in use.

The temperature is automatic compensated (when temperature sensor is connected) and the instrument has an automatic calibration and data storage function which means that simplicity, and accuracy is guaranteed.

The PH1200 is supplied in a handy carrying case with calibration liquids (pH-4, pH-7), user-manual and a storage liquid for the pH-electrode.


  • Manufacturer:  Nieuwkoop Aalsmeer
  • Measuring range:  0-14 pH
  • Measuring range °C:  -10.0 / 110.0°C
  • Memory capacity:  80 measurements
  • Work temp./RH:  0-60 °C / 20-95%
  • Accuracy:  0,1 pH
  • Resolution pH:  0,01 pH
  • Electrode:  Epoxy gel, 100cm cable and BNC connector (SZ1021)
  • Power supply:  1 x battery 9V
  • Measuring hours: ± 250 hours
  • Size/weight: 115x70x25mm/ 250 gr.
  • Accessories:  Carrying case,  calibration liquids  (pH-4, pH-6.86), Storage Liquid and an user manual
  • Option:  Pointed pH-electrode for direct soil measurement, model PH1210

HS (commodity) code: 9027.89.30

EC Meter

This digital EC-meter is robust and elegant of design and is accurate and simple to use.

The temperature is automatic compensated, which means that simplicity, and accuracy is guaranteed.

The EC1200 is supplied in a handy carrying case with a calibration liquid, screwdriver and a user-manual.


  • Range : EC: 0-19.99µS, 0-1999 µS, 0-19,99 mS, 0-200,0 mS – °C: -5.0/+80.0 °C
  • Size : 115x70x25mm
  • Weight : 300 gram
  • Resolution : 001 µS – 0,01 mS

HS (commodity) code: 9027.89.30