Cubic Consultancy

Embrace the future of horticulture in the current market landscape. Growing under LED lighting is not just a trend but a necessity as countries and governments strive to limit unsustainable resources and environmental pollution. Rising costs of gas and energy further emphasize the need for alternatives. As a grower, you face important decisions.

Multiple lighting options exist, including the Hybrid solution with HPS lamps. However, increasing sanctions can impact your revenues. To truly embark on a transformative path, consider Full LED cultivation. But where do you start? How do you transition from conventional methods?

Cubic Grow Consultancy is here to guide you. We firmly believe in the power of LED lighting with the right spectrum. Our team of specialist cultivation advisors will support you throughout the process. Currently available in the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Germany, and France, we are also eager to find suitable solutions for growers outside these regions. Let us help you navigate the path to successful LED cultivation and unlock the full potential of your crops.