Cubic Consultancy

In the current horticultural market, it should be noted that growing under LED is the future. More and more countries/governments are working to limit the use of unsustainable resources and the pollution of the environment. In addition, we see that costs for the use of gas and/or energy are increasing due to incidents and the Sustainability Degree. This is understandable in itself, but what alternatives are there? What does this mean for you as a grower?

There are various options with regard to lighting; you can opt for a Hybrid solution where the situation partly resembles the way you had it possible, with HPS lamps. However, the sanctions will continue to increase, which will also increase the pressure on revenues.

If you really want to take a different course and grow products under LED, then that is also a clear consequence. More and more parties are developing LED Grow lights, but where do you start? What steps do you need to take to move from conventional cultivation to Full LED cultivation?

Cubic Grow Consultancy can help you! We believe in growing under LED with the right spectrum. For this we have specialist cultivation advisors in our portfolio who can assist you in this process. We currently offer Cubic Grow Consultancy in the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Germany and France. If your company is located outside this area, we would be happy to look for a suitable solution with you.