NEW: Introducing the Cubic Grow Car

Vertical farming is on the cutting edge of sustainable agriculture, providing a solution to the growing demand for fresh produce while minimizing environmental effect. Cubic Grow Systems is committed to make this breakthrough agricultural approach available to everyone. Our most recent product, the Grow Car, illustrates our commitment to provide high-quality, long-term vertical farming solutions.

Vertical farming has numerous advantages. It enables us to grow crops such as herbs in a compact and stacked way within a regulated environment. This method dramatically minimizes the demand for land, water, and pesticides while removing the seasonal limits. The end result? Fresh herbs may be grown all year, which benefits both customers and the supply chain.


The Grow Car represents our aim. We provide a typical four-tier solution, but we are also willing to customize the system to meet your individual requirements. We have you covered whether you prefer including or excluding LED Grow Lights, or even evaluating other LED brands. Furthermore, we provide flexibility in the amount of culture levels, with options such as 3 or 5 layers instead of the normal 4.


Based on a Danish trolley, our Grow Car provides efficient and sustainable indoor farming. The Grow Car X-Large is available for individuals with larger-scale goals. We offer humidification mats, water trays, and bamboo substrate mats to suit your setup.

The Grow Car's LED grow lights are user-friendly, allowing for simple manual dimming to match the precise demands of your plant.

With the Cubic Grow Systems Grow Car, you can embrace the future of farming while reducing your environmental footprint and ensuring a year-round supply of fresh, high-quality greens/vegetables.