Green Horizons: Cubic Grow BV's Journey to Greentech Amsterdam Unleashes Agricultural Innovation

Cubic Grow BV, a start-up supplier to horticulture farms and vertical farms in Western Europe and Turkey, is excited to announce its presence in the prestigious Greentech Amsterdam event. This international exhibition and conference dedicated to horticulture technology will serve as a catalyst for collaboration and innovation. Cubic Grow BV aims to strengthen its existing partnerships while exploring new collaborative opportunities with growers, suppliers, researchers, and startups at the event. By fostering these relationships, Cubic Grow BV seeks to drive transformative change in the agriculture industry.

Greentech Amsterdam will showcase the latest advancements in greentech and horticulture technology. Cubic Grow BV recognizes the importance of staying at the forefront of innovation and will actively engage with the groundbreaking technologies on display. From precision farming to sustainable energy solutions, Cubic Grow BV is keen to evaluate the most promising innovations that can enhance its product portfolio and benefit its customers.


The event's location in Amsterdam, known for its sustainability initiatives and horticultural expertise, provides an ideal backdrop for Greentech Amsterdam. The Netherlands has a strong reputation for agricultural innovation, making it a global hub for greentech and sustainability-focused initiatives. Cubic Grow BV's participation in Greentech Amsterdam reflects its commitment to aligning with industry trends and ensuring it in delivering cutting-edge solutions.


By attending Greentech Amsterdam, Cubic Grow BV aims to ignite collaboration, share knowledge, and inspire industry stakeholders to embrace sustainable agricultural practices. The company's presence at the event symbolizes its dedication to driving innovation and fostering a greener future for agriculture.

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