Modular 1000w LED Grow Light solution

The Arize Element L2000 is the market's first LED top light with three distinct LED modules that can be simply replaced out without changing the surrounding fixture or electrical infrastructure. Growers can combine different light spectra inside the same fixture based on the needs of their crop, or simply replace the LED light bars when they reach the end of their useful life, replacing them with the latest generation. This modular design lowers landfill trash while also lowering the cost of lighting updates.

With a choice of seven different light spectra. Efficacy levels exceeding 3.6mol/J, and a maximum output of 3600mol/s. The L2000 is a potent replacement for 1000W HPS lamps, allowing growers to save money on energy without sacrificing production. The ability to mix and match up to three distinct light spectra inside the same bulb helps growers to fine-tune their lighting plans as new information about the effects of different light wavelengths on different crops becomes available. Growers may develop their operations with the newest research, maximizing yields and profit without the cost of a full refit, by merely replacing out individual LED modules for ones that give the best spectrum for their plants.

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